Greetings! This small blog has a simple purpose - to chronicle the Geocaching adventures of Tokasper.
We are a small family (two boys and their parents) living in Copenhagen, Denmark.
As both parents travel a lot we will be logging both Danish and international caches.

"We use billion dollar satellites to find tupperware in the woods"

tirsdag den 31. august 2010

Cachetour August 2010: GCTAW & GC233NA

Hello all,
The weekend provided us with a quick tour of the Danish city Frederiksværk together with our friends "Uranienborg Metrostars".

The rewards were two multicaches: "Fragmenter af en by (GCTAW)" and "Er Gade gået under jorden (GC233NA)".
Both were pretty simple and made for great cache-hunting with the children (three boys) - quick, easy and with cacheboxes containing toys at the end of the hunt.
Especially the last one did cause some problems as we couldn't find the precise hiding place but at the end we managed to retrieve it from its hiding place. Succes!

Best regards,

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