Greetings! This small blog has a simple purpose - to chronicle the Geocaching adventures of Tokasper.
We are a small family (two boys and their parents) living in Copenhagen, Denmark.
As both parents travel a lot we will be logging both Danish and international caches.

"We use billion dollar satellites to find tupperware in the woods"

lørdag den 2. oktober 2010

Our new fish tank and its inhabitants :-)

2x Aphyosemion australe "Hjerseni" / "Goldlopez" (2/10/10 - 160)

2 x Ancistrus cf. cirrhosus or Ancistrus pirareta from Paraguay (20/09/10-100)
Info: Males have head tentacles, females do not. (

10 x Zebrafisk, Danio rerio (20/09/10 - 100)

1x Caridina cf. babaulti "Green" / Amano Caridina multidendata M ? ) (20/09/10 - 50)

 1x Atyopsis moluccensis (vifte reje) (20/09/10 - 50)

 1x Physa marmorata ((20/09/10) Gratis...)

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